Its all about getting to inform the youth about all affairs around the world, hasaaa elimu ya bure aka Scholarships for Tanzanians, and many blazing news, facts, questions, you name it…Blazing

  1. duller says:

    love z everything

  2. khadija amri says:

    Halo evelyn
    hope u are good dear
    well first i wanna thank u for the good news u share with us, Godd bless
    i am in malaysia first year degree in mass communication i jus wanted to know if its possible to get a sponsorship from some where else so that i can finish my studies well coz in the University that i am it is too much expensive and things here are difficult not as i thought when i was in tanzania b4 i came
    Thanks darling i appreciate

    • Hey mamii, am sure there is always a way out, nila with universities, the problem is, ukihama uni moja hadi ingine, u have to start a fresh, yes its very expensive ila, ukijaribu kuomba scholarship, utapeta tu, na scholarships sio lazima iwe full, hata nusu inafaa, its better than nothing, what you can do, is omba scholarship ya malaysia gvt, huwa wanatoaga, then ujue itakuaje, o unaweza ongea na student advisor wako, watakuwa wanajua jinsi gani ya kutatua tatizo, all the best love

  3. marcel mtefunya alphonce says:

    luv u 4 wht u’r doin

  4. sarah says:

    hi,dr nmetafuta scholaship hadi bac nakukata tamaa plz nsaidie…my email n saraloys@yahoo.com thnx cwt!!!

  5. Frank says:

    You are encouraging and potential person. Thanks and keep making others know

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